the story

On the 8th of March of 2011 Ruben Antonio Fialho Mascarenhas de Carvalho was born.

His birth was far from easy. There where complications and because of these complications he had to be brought with only 28.4 weeks. He had to be reanimated after birth, was placed in an incubater and was given medication to became stable. He had 50/50 chance of survival.

After three weeks of fighting for his life, on the 30th of March of 2011, his body couldn’t take it any more. His lungs and liver where very weak and because of that doctors wheren’t able to keep him stable. He passed away at 19:30 in the arms of his mother. Freed of all machines and restrains. His body was weak but his spirit fought untill the last second.

RIP little dude you will allways be our first born male son.

the last day

the last day

Thank you to Make a Memory foundation for most of these pictures. [gallery link="file" columns="4" size="full"...

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